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GABBA Annual Symposium - Environome: sequencing the environment

Every year new PhD students organize the GABBA Annual Symposium.
This year the chosen theme is Environome: sequencing the environment.
Environome is a new concept rising in the different areas of biomedical research. It is referred to social/environmental/microenvironmental factors that interact in a genetic context affecting several biologic processes, such as individual health. This scientific area is concerned with a oad spectrum of diseases, since few of them can be explained exclusively by genetic alterations.

The symposium will consist in scientific communications concerning recent discoveries in several biology areas that study the interactions between gene and extra-cellular environment. The importance of this symposium is explained since it allows the narrowing of the relationship between society and scientific community, aiming also to recall students attention for investigation in new areas of research.

The event will take place on June 8th 2009.

More information:
Link: http://www.environome.pt.vu
Download: Poster_Environome.pdf
Published in 2011-03-07 17:44:26
Program financially supported by
the National Foundation for
Science and Technology