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Events and Highlights
Rui Ribeiro (20th Edition Student) publishes in Nature Aging
Former GABBA student Rosa Barreira da Silva (10th Edition) named STAT Wunderkind
Maria de Sousa, GABBA Founder and Leading Portuguese Scientist, Dies at 80
Victòria Brugada (17th Edition Student) publishes in Consciousness and Cognition
Raquel Real (17th Edition Student) publishes in Science
Filipe Pinto Teixeira (9th Edition Student) publishes in Cell
Diogo Trigo (12th Edition Student) publishes in Neurobiology of Disease
André Sousa (11th Edition Student) publishes in Science
New class of students - 21st GABBA Edition
Admissions to the 21st Edition
Mafalda Almeida (15th Edition Student) publishes in Science
New horizons in iron biology
Diana Pinheiro (15th Edition Student) publishes in Nature
Delfim Duarte (17th Edition Student) publishes in Nature
New class of students - 20th GABBA Edition
Admissions to the 20th Edition
Mitochondria shown to trigger cell ageing
Absence of canonical marks of active chromatin in developmentally regulated genes
Restoring natural immunity against cancers
Admissions to the 19th Edition
Sónia Melo wins the national award "L'Oréal Women in Science"
Three GABBA alumni are awarded with prestigious ERC starting grants
Former GABBA student Pedro Vale receives two prestigious awards
New class of students - 18th GABBA Edition
Admissions to the 18th Edition
Rui Costa wins an ERC Consolidation Grant
Twenty-three researchers join network of EMBO Young Investigators
New class of students - 17th GABBA Edition
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Portuguese researcher inhibits protein associated with poor prognosis of cancer
GABBA alumnus Diogo Manoel publishes in Science
HFSP career development award (CDA)
Mechanism of reversion of adult cells into stem cells identified
João Curado no ENCODE
João foi ao Optimus Alive e acabou na Malásia a estudar orangotangos e elefantes
Aluna de Doutoramento do IHMT vence prémio Revelation Student Award do International Congress Environmental Health - ICEH 2012
Portuguese scientist contributes to a better knowledge about Huntington\'s disease
Telomere stress reveals insight into ageing
Identificado mecanismo de silenciamento dos genes
GABBA forma cientistas de sucesso há 15 anos
Rui Costa (2nd Edition) and Pedro Carvalho (3rd Edition) won a HHMI award
Prémio Pfizer de Investigação Clínica 2011
Investigadores Portugueses identificam mutações genéticas que despoletam leucemia
GABBA Symposium 2011
Investigador português identifica proteínas que podem combater o HIV
Stroke - Molecular Neuropathology and Neurorecovery
Admissions to the 15th Edition
Pulido Valente Ciência 2010
Call for Data Update - GABBA new website
New class of students - 14th GABBA Edition
Admission to the 14th Edition of GABBA
Using an Improved Phagocytosis Assay to Evaluate the Effect of HIV on Specific Antibodies to Pregnancy-Associated Malaria
Nicotine activates TRPM5-dependent and independent taste pathways
Portuguese Scientist solves 50 year old puzzle about ageing
Admission to the 13th Edition of GABBA (2009-2013)
Dr. Mina Bissell received the Medal of Honor of the American Cancer Society
GABBAcast: another face of GABBAs. Learn more and join now.
Published article on Science: by Margarida Cardoso-Moreira, GABBA 7th Edition
Diet Food Backfire? See Albino Oliveira-Maia on video.
Introducing GABBA's new Students: the 2008:2012 Edition
GABBA's Calling All-Time GABBAs :: A new website has started.
ADMISSION to the GABBA PROGRAM: the 2008-2012 Edition
GABBA Symposium 2018: Flights of Imagination
Mini-Symposium on Integrative Physiology
GABBA Symposium 2017: Nano 2 Universe
GABBA Annual Symposium 2016: Breaking Boundaries in Science
19th Annual Scientific Meeting
GABBA Symposium 2012
“T cell activation” mini symposium
GABBA: A decade and a half in the life of a graduate program (1996-2011)
RNA 2012
Science and funding: european challenges
XX Porto Cancer Meeting
14th Portugaliae Genetica
“T cell activation” mini symposium
2011 Champalimaud Cancer Research Symposium
GABBA Annual Symposium - Perspectives on [Bio]Diversity
GABBA Mini Symposium: Protein Misfolding and Neurodegeneration
13th Edition GABBA Inaugural Lecture
GABBA Annual Symposium - Environome: sequencing the environment
Pointer Simposium on Fibrosis
Workshop on Gene Expression: From Genes to Systems
XVIII Porto Cancer Meeting - Molecular Tools Applied to Breast, Thyroid and Hematopathology
12th Portugaliae Genetica "From genomes to organisms: an evolutionary perspective"
GABBA External Evaluation
GABBA Symposium: HOMEOSTASIS: The Struggle for Equilibrium?
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