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Program Calendar 2014

Structural Biology Sandra Macedo Ribeiro & Pedro Pereira Jan 13-17 IBMC

Bioentrepreneurship and Innovation André Faustino Jan 20-22 IBMC

Biostatistics Pedro Oliveira Jan 27-31 IBMC

Genetic Epidemiology Carolina Lemos & Alda Sousa Feb 3-7 IBMC

Regulation of Gene Expression Alexandra Moreira Feb 10-14 IBMC

New Therapies and Technologies Ana Paula Pêgo Feb 17-21 INEB

Cell Division & Differentiation Hélder Maiato Feb 24 - Mar 7 IBMC

Developmental Biology Paulo Pereira Mar 10-14 IBMC

Formal and Population Genetics António Amorim Mar 17-19 IPATIMUP

16th Portugaliae Genetica António Amorim Mar 20-21 IPATIMUP

Oncobiology Raquel Seruca Mar 24 - Apr 4 IPATIMUP

Systems and Synthetic Biology Pedro Beltrão Apr 7-11 IBMC

Immune System António Freitas & Benedita Rocha Apr 14-30 IBMC

GABBA MINI-SYMPOSIUM: T Cell Activation Alexandre Carmo April 24 IBMC

Parasitology Ana Tomás May 5-9 IBMC

Microbiology Didier Cabanes May 12-16 IBMC

Iron Biology Graça Porto May 19-23 IBMC

Ethics, Science and Society Anna Olsson & Júlio Borlido Santos May 26-30 IBMC

Neuroscience Albino Jorge Oliveira-Maia Jun 2-6 Champalimaud

Neurodegenerative Diseases Maria João Saraiva Jun 9-13 IBMC

Nerve Regeneration Mónica Sousa Jun 16-20 IBMC

Neurobiology of Addiction Teresa Summavielle Jun 23-27 IBMC

Neuroenhancement João Relvas Jun 30 - Jul 4 IBMC

Human Genetics Marianna Bevova July 7-11 IBMC

GABBA Annual Symposium 2014 July 17 ICBAS

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