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Research and Faculty


The more than 20 laboratories involved in the teaching of the Program are led by tenured and non-tenured staff of the University of Porto - Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Science and the Institute for Biomedical Sciences - and research staff from two Associate Laboratories of the Ministry for Science, Technology and Higher Education, the IBMC/INEB and the IPATIMUP. In addition, the Program is extended to laboratories outside the University of Porto and abroad. Some modules are of the responsibility of Portuguese researchers working outside the country, namely in the Pasteur Institute and INSERM in Paris. In a country with little collective spirit of research in the Biomedical Sciences and with a tradition of division between geographic regions, the student is exposed to some of the best researchers in the country as a whole, and has the opportunity of interacting with Portuguese visiting professors working abroad. It is hoped that this philosophy will create a new sense of community of scientists within and without the country.

Program financially supported by
the National Foundation for
Science and Technology