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GABBA has represented since the beginning a philosophy of the absolute need of “transversal” higher education in modern European universities. To achieve that in practice the Program has a module structure (see calendar) mobilizing as module directors, researchers and professors in areas of their scientific competence regardless of their institutional affiliation within or outside the University of Porto and the country.

The first semester consists in practical lab classes, lectures and seminars. In addition to the “nuclear” modules detailed in the calendar section, the course has an annual international symposia that must be organized by the students themselves, testing their capacity to establish international connections, fund raising, interaction with the society at large and teamwork qualities.

At the end of this period students have the opportunity to visit for an interview labs where they will do their PhD thesis work, which should last up to four years (240 ECTS).

Current curricular structure (2016/2017)

Principles of Biology 7 weeks 12
Complex Systems in Biology 12 weeks 21
Pathology 7 weeks 12
Project 6 months 15
Thesis 3 years 180
TOTAL 4 years 240


Previous curricular structure (1 semester - 30 ECTS) until 2016

Biostatistics (Stat) One week 1
Cellular and Developmental Biology (CDB) One month 4
Biology of Iron (IRON) One week 1
Structural Biology (Struct) One week 1
Cell Division and Differentiation (CDD) Two weeks 3
Molecular and Population Genetics (MPG) One month 4
Immunology (IMMU) Three weeks 3,5
Molecular Microbiology and Parasitology (MMP) Two weeks 2
Neurosciences (NSCI) Three weeks 3
New Therapies and Technologies (NTT) One week 1,5
Oncobiology (ONCO) Two weeks 3
Other Competences (OC) One week 1,5
Systems, Synthetic and Bioinformatics (SSI) One week 1,5


Program financially supported by
the National Foundation for
Science and Technology