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GABBA Symposium on Mechanisms of Gene Expression in Health and Disease

April 30, 2015 | IBMC Main Auditorium
These Symposia have been instrumental in the dissemination and discussion of latest achievements in the theme of Gene Expression at the level of the RNA Biology. The upcoming meeting will follow this model and I hope that once again we will be offered exceptionally high quality presentations by guest speakers, and lively debates on the newest developments in the field. The 2015 Symposium will cover recent advances in gene regulation, including chromatin remodelling, R-loops, transcription, RNA processing (splicing, polyadenylation) RNA binding proteins, miRNAs and lnRNAs, integrating the latest findings and new perspectives, with a focus on RNA processing in health and disease.
Link: https://www.ibmc.up.pt/events/upcoming-events/mini-symposium-mechanisms-gene-expression-health-and-disease
Download: GABBA_GENE_EXPRESSION_2015.pdf
Published in 2015-12-21 15:03:50
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