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Class of 2013
Duarte, Delfim
Master Degree
University (Master Degree)
University of Porto
About the PhD
Field of Research
Leukemia, microenvironment, intravital microscopy
Thesis Title
In vivo imaging of the dynamic interactions of acute leukaemias with the bone marrow microenvironment
It has been hypothesized that haematopoietic stem cells (HSC) residing in the bone marrow (BM) receive survival and differentiation signals from a range of cell types including osteoblasts and endothelial cells. In parallel,...
Cristina Lo Celso
Imperial College London / The Francis Crick Institute

Relevant Publications
T-cell acute leukaemia exhibits dynamic interactions with bone marrow microenvironments. Hawkins ED*, Duarte D* et al. Nature. 2016 Oct 27;538(7626):518-522. (*equal contribution)
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Duarte, D., and Lo Celso, C. (2017). Imaging the Hematopoietic Stem Cell Niche. Advances in Stem Cells and their Niches 1, 59-83. (book chapter)

Angiogenesis and inflammation signalling are targets of beer polyphenols on vascular cells. Negrão R, Costa R, Duarte D, Taveira Gomes T, Mendanha M, Moura L, Vasques L, Azevedo I, Soares R. J Cell Biochem. 2010 Dec 1;111(5):1270-9.
Could platelet-accumulating polyphenols prevent tumour metastasis? Negrão R, Duarte D, Costa R, Soares R. Nat Rev Cancer. 2011 Aug 24; 11(9):685 (letter to the Editor).
Xanthohumol-supplemented beer modulates angiogenesis and inflammation in a skin wound healing model. Involvement of local adipocytes. Negrão R, Costa R, Duarte D, Gomes TT, Coelho P, Guimarães JT, Guardão L, Azevedo I, Soares R. J Cell Biochem. 2012 Jan;113(1):100-9.
Dynamics of Intracellular Clathrin/AP1- and Clathrin/AP3-Containing Carriers. Kural C, Tacheva-Grigorova SK, Boulant S, Cocucci E, Baust T, Duarte D, Kirchhausen T. Cell Rep. 2012 Oct 24
Increased circulating platelet microparticles as a potential biomarker in asthma. Duarte D*, Taveira-Gomes T, Sokhatska O, Palmares C, Costa R, Negrão R, Guimarães JT, Delgado L, Soares R, Moreira A. Allergy. 2013 Aug;68(8):1073-5. (*corresponding author)

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