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Class of 1997
Frazăo Pinheiro, Susana
1st Degree
University (1st Degree)
Universidade Catolica Portuguesa
Master Degree
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
University (Master Degree)
University of Oxford - SAID Business School
About the PhD
Field of Research
HIV Immunology, Clinical Medicine
Thesis Title
Cellular Immune Responses in HIV Infection
Professor Sarah Rowland-Jones
University of Oxford
Human Immunology Unit, WIMM, University of Oxford
Date of Thesis Defence
After the PhD (Current Situation)
Healthcare Management, Programme Director, UCL and Consultant, United Nations
Healthcare, entrepreneurship
University College London
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Relevant Publications
Viveiros M, Pinheiro S, Moreira P, Pacheco T, Brum L. Evaluation of a commercial ligase chain reaction assay for the diagnosis of pulmonary and extra-pulmonary tuberculosis. Int J Tuberc Lung Dis. 1999 Jun;3(6):508-14.
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S Frazao Pinheiro. Mainstreaming HIV in Early Recovery. July 2009. Bureau for Development Policy. United Nations Development Programme.
View Publication
Rowland-Jones S, Pinheiro S, Kaul R. New insights into host factors in HIV-1 pathogenesis. Cell. 2001 Feb 23; 104(4):473-6. Review. Co-authorship paper.
Rowland-Jones SL, Pinheiro S, Kaul R, Hansasuta P, Gillespie G, Dong T, Plummer FA, Bwayo JB, Fidler S, Weber J, McMichael A, Appay V. How important is the quality of the cytotoxic T lymphocyte (CTL) response in protection against HIV infection? Immunology Letters. 2001 Nov 1; 79(1-2):15-20. Co-authorship paper.
Pinheiro S, Gillespie GM, Sayeid-Al-Jamee M, Alabi A, Kaye S, Sabally S, Sarge-Njie R, Njai H, Joof K, Jaye A, Whittle H, Rowland-Jones S, Dorrell L.CD8+ T cell responses to human immunodeficiency viruses type 2 (HIV-2) and type 1 (HIV-1) gag proteins are distinguishable by magnitude and breadth but not cellular phenotype. European Journal of Immunology. 2005 May; 35(5):1445-53. Co-authorship paper.
Missale G, Papagno L, Penna A, Pilli M, Zerbini A, Vitali P, Pieroni G, Urbani S, Uggeri J, Pinheiro S, Rowland-Jones S, Ferrari C. Parenteral exposure to high HIV viremia leads to virus-specific T cell priming without evidence of infection. European Journal of Immunology. 2004 Nov; 34(11):3208-15.
Goonetilleke N, Moore S, Dally L, Winstone N, Cebere I, Mahmoud A, Pinheiro S, Gillespie G, Brown D, Loach V, Roberts J, Guimaraes-Walker A, Hayes P, Loughran K, Smith C, De Bont J, Verlinde C, Vooijs D, Schmidt C, Boaz M, Gilmour J, Fast P, Dorrell L, Hanke T, McMichael AJ. Induction of multifunctional human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1)-specific T cells capable of proliferation in healthy subjects by using a prime-boost regimen of DNA- and modified vaccinia virus Ankara-vectored vaccines expressing HIV-1 Gag coupled to CD8+ T-cell epitopes. Journal of Virology. 2006 May; 80(10):4717-28
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