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Class of 2017
Carvalho, Sílvia
1st Degree
Biomedical Laboratory Science
University (1st Degree)
Escola Superior das Tecnologias da Saúde de Lisboa
Master Degree
Cellular and Molecular Biology
University (Master Degree)
Universidade de Lisboa - Faculdade de Ciências

Relevant Publications
Sridhara SC, Carvalho S, et al. “Transcription dynamics signals R-loops suppression through SRPK2-mediated DDX23 phosphorylation” Cell Reports
View Publication

de Almeida SF, Grosso AR, Koch F, Fenouil R, Carvalho S, et al. “Splicing enhances recruitment of methyltransferase HYPB/Setd2 and methylation of histone H3 lysine 36” Nature Structural &
Molecular Biology
View Publication
Carvalho S, Raposo AC, et al. “Histone methyltransferase SETD2 coordinates FACT recruitment with nucleosome dynamics during transcription” Nucleic Acids Research
View Publication
Carvalho S, Vitor AC, et al. “SETD2 is required for DNA double-strand break repair and activation of the p53-mediated checkpoint” eLife
View Publication
Grosso AR, Leite AP, Carvalho S, et al. “Pervasive transcription read-through is associated with aberrant expression of cancer genes and RNA chimeras in renal carcinoma” eLife
View Publication
Posa I, Carvalho S, et al. “A pan-cancer analysis of MYC-PVT1 revealsCNV-unmediated deregulation and poor prognosis in renal carcinoma” Oncotarget
View Publication
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2017-10-12 13:26:50

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