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Class of 1999
Freitas, Renata
Master Degree
Biological Sciences
About the PhD
Field of Research
Evolution and Development
Thesis Title
Hoxd genes and the fin to limb transition.
Martin J Cohn
Pedro Rodrigues
ICBAS (Portugal)/University of Reading (UK)
University of Reading, University of Florida
Date of Thesis Defence

Relevant Publications
Freitas R., Zhang G.J. & Cohn M.J. 2006. Evidence that the mechanisms of fin development evolved in the midline of early vertebrates. Nature. Aug 31; 442(7106): 1033-1037.
Freitas R. & Cohn M.J. 2006. Genomic regulation of Hox collinearity. Developmental Cell. Review. 10(1):8-9.
Freitas R., Albert J.S., Evans D.H. & Cohn M.J. 2006. Developmental origin of shark electrosensory organs. Evolution & Development. 8:1, 74?80.
Freitas R. & Cohn M.J. 2004. Analyses of EphA4 in the lesser spotted catshark identifies a primitive gnathostome expression pattern and reveals co-option during evolution of shark-specific morphology. Development Genes and Evolution. 214:466-472.
Freitas R., Zhang G.J. & Cohn M.J. 2007. Biphasic Hoxd gene expression in shark paired fins reveals an ancient origin of the distal limb domain. Plos One. Aug 15;2(1):e754.

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