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Class of 1999
Costa, Yael
1st Degree
University (1st Degree)
University of Porto
About the PhD
Field of Research
Meiosis, spermatogenesis, epigenetics, infertility
Thesis Title
Characterisation of genes potentially involved in spermatogenesis
Infertility is estimated to affect 10-15% of couples in the human population and in 50% of these the problem is attributed to the male partner. Numerous causes are already known, but for about half of cases, a reason behind...
Howard Cooke
Mario Sousa
University of Porto
Howard Cooke, MRC - Human Genetics Unit
United Kingdom
Date of Thesis Defence
After the PhD (Current Situation)
Post-doctoral Research Associate
Biology of Induced Pluripotency
Wellcome Trust - MRC Stem Cell Institute, University of Cambridge
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United Kingdom

Relevant Publications
Yuki Takada*, Chie Naruse*, Yael Costa*, Takayuki Shirakawa, Makoto Tachibana, Jafar Sharif, Fuyuko Kezuka-Shiotani, Dai Kakiuchi, Hiroshi Masumoto, Yo-ichi Shinkai, Kazuyuki Ohbo, Antoine H. F. M. Peters, James M. A. Turner, Masahide Asano, Haruhiko Koseki1. (2011). HP1γ links histone methylation marks to meiotic synapsis in mice. Development. 138(19):4207-17. (*co-authorship)
View Publication
Theunissen TW, Costa Y, Radzisheuskaya A, van Oosten AL, Lavial F, Pain B, Castro LF, Silva JC. (2011). Reprogramming capacity of Nanog is functionally conserved in vertebrates and resides in a unique homeodomain. Development. 138(22):4853-65.
View Publication
van Oosten AL, Costa Y, Smith AG, Silva JCR. (2012) Jak/Stat3 signalling is sufficient and dominant over antagonistic cues for the establishment of naďve pluripotency. Nature Communications. 3:817.
View Publication
Costa Y*, Ding J*, Theunissen TW*, Faiola F*, Fidalgo M, Saunders A, Qiu J, Xu H, Ma'ayan A, Lawrence M, Hore TA, Moore K, Levasseur DN, Dietmann S, Reik W, Silva JCR, Wang J. (2013). Nanog-dependent function of Tet1 and Tet2 in establishment of pluripotency. Nature. doi:10.1038/nature11925. (*co-authorship)
View Publication
Costa Y and Cooke HJ. (2007). Genetic approaches to mammalian synaptonemal complex structure and function. Chromosome Research. 15(5):579-589.
View Publication
Bolcun-Filas E*, Costa Y*, Speed RM, Taggart M, Benavente R, de Rooij DG and Cooke HJ. (2007). SYCE2 is required for synaptonemal complex assembly, double strand break repair and homologous recombination. Journal of Cell Biology. 176(6):741-747. (*co-authorship)
View Publication
Costa Y, Speed RM, Gautier P, Semple CA, Maratou K, Turner JMA, Cooke HJ. (2006). Mouse Maelstrom - the link betweenmeiotic silencing of unsynapsed chromatin and miRNA pathway? Human Molecular Genetics. 15(15):2324-2334.
View Publication
Costa Y, Speed R, Öllinger R, Alsheimer M, Semple CA, Gautier P, Maratou K, Novak I, Hoog C, Benavente R and Cooke HJ. (2005). Two novel proteins recruited by SYCP1 are at the centre of meiosis. Journal of Cell Science. 118(12):2755-2762.
View Publication

Mahadevaiah SK, Costa Y, Turner JM. (2009) Using RNA FISH to study gene expression during mammalian meiosis. Methods Mol Biol. 558:433-44.
View Publication
Maratou K, Forster T, Costa Y, Taggart M, Speed RM, Ireland J, Teague P, Roy D, Cooke HJ. (2004). Expression profiling of the developing testis in Wild Type and Dazl Knockout mice. Molecular Reproduction and Development 67(1):26-54
View Publication
Forster T, Costa Y, Cooke HJ, Roy D, Maratou K. (2004). Triple-dye microarray experiments: a novel experimental strategy. BMC Genomics 5(1):13
View Publication
Vieira M, Pissarra J, Verissimo P, Castanheira P, Costa Y, Pires E, Faro C. (2001). Molecular cloning and characterization of cDNA encoding cardosin B, an aspartic proteinase accumulating extracellularly in the transmitting tissue of Cynara cardunculus L. Plant Mol Biol 45(5):529-39.
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2013-02-09 23:38:41

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